Prayer Requests

If you would like prayers from our group, please use our online request form which goes to the Faculty Staff Christian Fellowship website webmaster and to the FSCF Prayer Coordinators. For confidentiality, we use names that are given with permission to post, self-submitted requests and family member requests. Otherwise, we use no name.

We invite you to contact us again to share answers to prayers with our caring community. Just use convenient online form. In His name, we pray peace and blessings to each and every one of you.

Request: Please pray for peace.

Request: (May 2017) Pray for students to finish strong these last few weeks of school. Help them to cope with work deadlines and tests, and returning to family life, summer internships, or future careers.

Request: (11-12) According to Exodus 33:19, God please be gracious to me(Jacob) and show mercy on me and let your purpose for my life be fulfilled now in Jesus name, Amen.

Request: Please pray for a Christian faculty member at ASU who wants to make him/herself completely available to God would use for His Glory in the work place where s/he dedicates many, many hours.

Request: Please pray for the Christian student ministries to work in love and unity to reach the lost and to bring Christian students to grow in maturity and in the love and light of Jesus.


Steering Committee:  
cockmanje [at] appstate [dot] edu (John Cockman)

glisangb [at] appstate [dot] edu (George Glisan)

muellerts [at] appstate [dot] edu (Tom Mueller)

Amy Roberts

seitzcm [at] appstate [dot] edu (Chris Seitz)


Prayer Coordinator: 
Amy Roberts

Cathy Ziegler

ASU Box 9163
Boone, NC 28608

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